Our product portfolio unites of 4 main directions:



Fruits and Vegetables

Agricultural product portfolio consists of Fruits and Vegetables.
Each position in this range represents a BIO-product, available for shipments all-year-round.
The stable high quality and strong tasting features is another advantage of these products.


High quality fresh dill.


High quality fresh parsley.


High quality fresh celery.

High quality fresh coriander.

High quality fresh lettuce.


Tomatoe, different sizes, with red and rose color choices.



Different varieties and sizes.



Several varieties of pepper with wide range of colors and sizes. Hot, medium hot and bitter ones.



Apple, with a thin skin which varies in colour from yellow to green or red, with a crisp, firm, juicy flesh. There are dozens of different varieties.



Mandarine, with rich aroma and tasting features.




TradeLink provides various products and vast of opportunities to expand companies' foreign operations.



Explore our portfolio to find the right product for you. The range includes the concrete Georgian TMs, our own trademaks and possibility of private labelling.

We provide exclusive service for the companies that seek long term partnership for investment, export/import, franchising, distribution, agents or representative office.

Custom-made tours with attractive programs all over Georgia and Caucasus Region, with favorable conditions, with any preferences that you and your business have.

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