Our product portfolio unites of 4 main directions:





Georgia is the oldest producer of wine in the world. We offer entry level, mid and premium level wines bearing these oldest rich traditions.


Mineral Water

Sparkling and non-sparkling natural mineral waters from different mountain regions of Georgia.



Different Georgian beer labes, with refined tasting characters and quality, which can become the leading labels in your product portfolio.


Lemonade/Natural Juices

Natural juices and Lemonades, with rich aroma and graded quality.


Georgian Brandy

Georgian brandy, done with Georgian grape varieties (e.g. Rkatsiteli and Tsitska). The spirit with rich historical roots.



Chacha is made of grape pomace (grape residue left after making wine). Traditionally a clear fruit brew, which is sometimes called "vine vodka," "grape vodka," or "Georgian vodka."




TradeLink provides various products and vast of opportunities to expand companies' foreign operations.



Explore our portfolio to find the right product for you. The range includes the concrete Georgian TMs, our own trademaks and possibility of private labelling.

We provide exclusive service for the companies that seek long term partnership for investment, export/import, franchising, distribution, agents or representative office.

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